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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

OPINION: There is not going to be a blue wave

By Caleb Conway | Jul 15, 2018

Caleb Conway

Ever since the summer of 2017, left wing media pundits have been claiming that a Democratic “Blue Wave” is going to sweep the Republicans out of Congress and place the Democrats back into their rightful place as the majority. Mind you these are the same people who claimed Trump would not become President of the United States and that he would be impeached six months into his first term. Yet in all of their “wisdom” they believe that a Democratic majority in Congress is all but assured. But after looking at some recent numbers, I doubt that this” Blue Wave” will barely do more than splash against our ankles and get our socks wet.

The recent Special election in Pennsylvania proves this more than anything else. There Democrat Connor Lamb beat out his Republican rival Rick Saccone by a great big whopping 0.2 percent of the vote, barely getting an advantage of 627 votes! The pundits proclaimed this to be a resounding victory, how this was a referendum on Trump and his agenda and that the Democrats were able to win big in Trump country. COME ON!!! Pennsylvania voted Republican for the first time in thirty years in 2016 and yet it is being called “Trump country”! Connor Lamb, who ran as a Democrat, was more of a moderate/centrist than an actual liberal Democrat. He raised $3.3-million on his campaign, nearly five times as much as Saccone, and went through the trouble of making himself look like a conservative Democrat, and he was only just able to squeak out a win with two-tenths of a percent. This, in a more moderate state of the union. But no, this is a huge victory for the Democrats. 0.2%! What a big number, it must be even bigger than the 3.6 point advantage Republican Karen Handel had over her rival Democrat Jon Ossoff (If you haven’t guessed I am writing this sarcastically). If they go through all of that and are only able to get a win of 0.2%, then the Dems are going to have some real big problems going up in actual Trump country.

A recent poll by Rasmussen currently has President Trump’s popularity at forty-eight to  fifty-one percent, a far cry from most other polls that have him in the mid to low forties. Rasmussen was one of the few polling sites that even came close to getting the 2016 presidential election right, which had Hillary ahead of Trump by two points in a survey of one thousand likely voters. Skip ahead to May 2018, we now see that just over half the country approves of the job that Trump is doing. So why all of the sudden popularity? Was it from the tax cuts enacted in December? Maybe it was the unemployment rate falling to its lowest point since 2000 (3.9%). Maybe it’s the DOW breaking record after record showing extremely high enthusiasm among investors on Wall Street, with its highest being 26,616.

Is it his strong stance on abortion and immigration that has led to the end of the long dead DACA program? Maybe because he is the first President to ever address the March for Life? The answer: all of the above. Trump has been working round the clock keeping promise after promise on his mission to “Make America Great Again”. Now with North Korea agreeing to a sit-down with Presidents Moon Jae-In and Trump to discuss denuclearizing the peninsula along with negotiating the return of three American hostages held in the rogue regime, and with the establishment of the American embassy in Jerusalem along with the President declaring the city the capital of Israel, one question remains; where are the Democrats in all of this.  All of this good news is all thanks to Donald Trump and his policies, with not one Democrat even being remotely involved with.

The only thing that the Democrats have done in the nearly two years since Trump’s inauguration has been to whine and complain about just about everything that has the name Trump labeled on it. Trump held a meeting at the White House and invited Democrat and Republican representatives to discuss a deal to save DACA. Flanked by two empty chairs, designated for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, he waited for their arrival. The never showed up. After the meeting, Chuck Schumer held a press conference deriding the president for not wanting to make a deal on DACA!

Needless to say, voters were furious with the Democrats for failing to strike a deal with the President. Young immigration activists even went to the DNC headquarters and marched against them for their inability to save DACA. In fact, RealClearPolitics held a poll on the Democrats prospects in December 2017 and found the Democrats were ahead of the Republicans by 14 points. This was before Trumps tax cuts were put into effect. When January and February came around, the same poll was conducted. By this time the tax cuts were in full swing and the DACA issue was reaching its boiling point. The poll showed that the Democrats advantage had dropped by ten points!   Back in 2010, 2012, and 2014 around the same time, Democrats had double digit leads over the Republicans and yet they still wound up losing midterms every single time.

May 2018, and now any sizeable lead the Democrats had has crumbled away. They have done nothing that would ease the struggles of everyday Americans like and me and have been incoherent in their stance on the economy. Nancy Pelosi even came out and said in a recent Politico event that should the Democrats win back the house, not only would they roll back the tax cuts, she would raise taxes on middle class households back up to what they were before the cuts. Both Pelosi and Schumer have condemned Trumps decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, despite both of them supporting past presidents for considering the same thing. And countless Democrats and “Journalists” have attacked not only President Trump and his administration, but have also launched heinous attacks at Melania, Ivanka, and even Barron Trump from their looks to their personal life.

All the Democrats want to do is raise our taxes, rip up the Constitution, and send the United States of America spiraling down into a pit of misery of despair and have us sent back to the dark ages. And despite all of this, despite all of the obstruction that they are showing towards Trump, despite all of the polling data showing Democrats with shrunken popularity numbers, despite all of the protesting and deriding and bemoaning of the President for the last two years, they still think, with utmost certainty, that they are going to take back the house in November. No, not going to happen. In fact Morgan Murtaugh, a Republican running for Congress in California, says that a RED wave in the state is likely to happen.

"Everyone keeps saying there's a blue wave coming, but in California people are really pissed off. Sorry for saying that, but they are. ... People are upset with the state of affairs. I really feel a red wave coming out here in California.” Miss Murtaugh believes that California of all places can be flipped to red in November. There are still about six months between now and then, so anything can happen. But after seeing the events of the last two years unfold, I can guarantee that a Blue Wave cannot, will not, and is not going to happen. So buckle up and hold on tight cause we are in for a wild ride!

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