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Friday, November 22, 2019

Analysis: Illinois schools' students fail annual tests, still graduate


By LGIS Newsfeed | Dec 6, 2017

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Despite dismal student performance on annual exams covering math and reading, Illinois high school graduation rates remain high, according to a Prairie State Wire analysis of 2016 data from the Illinois State Board of Education.

The end-of-year tests known as the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, are administered to third- through eighth-graders in Illinois, testing them based on Common Core standards. High-schoolers also took the tests through 2016. 

A composite score combines the results of the subject tests. Students whose scores either met or exceeded expectations are considered "ready for the next level" by state standards.

Schools' graduation fraud index shows the difference between the composite passing rate and the graduation rate.


Bottom 100 Illinois schools graduation fraud index

Illinois schoolSchool districtCountyAnnual exam pass rate (%)Graduation rate (%)Graduation fraud index
Urban Preparatory Chtr Englewood High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook093.6-93.6
Beecher High SchoolBeecher Cusd 200UWill4.997.7-92.8
Erie High SchoolErie Cusd 1Whiteside9.498.5-89.1
Clark Academy Preparatory Magnet High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook4.193.1-89
Legal Prep Charter AcademiesCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook7.295.7-88.5
Marine Leadership Academy at AmesCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook11.6100-88.4
Bronzeville Scholastic High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook3.791.7-88
Austin College & Career AcademyCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook087.7-87.7
Edinburg High SchoolEdinburg Cusd 4Christian087-87
Cairo Jr/Sr High SchoolCairo Usd 1Alexander187.9-86.9
Urban Prep-BronzevilleCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook490.7-86.7
Unity High SchoolCusd 4Adams8.894.2-85.4
Geneseo High SchoolGeneseo Cusd 228Henry11.996.6-84.7
Woodstock North High SchoolWoodstock Cusd 200Mchenry12.497-84.6
Team Englewood Comm Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook084.1-84.1
Young Womens Leadership Chartr High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook5.589.1-83.6
Paw Paw Junior Senior High SchoolPaw Paw Cusd 271Lee11.394.7-83.4
Simeon Career Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook8.291.5-83.3
World Language High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook10.793.6-82.9
Iroquois West High SchoolIroquois West Cusd 10Iroquois1193.4-82.4
Momence High SchoolMomence Cusd 1Kankakee5.988.2-82.3
Century Jr/Sr High SchoolCentury Cusd 100Pulaski18.3100-81.7
Homewood-Flossmoor High SchoolHomewood Flossmoor Chsd 233Cook14.596.1-81.6
Uplift Community High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook4.986.4-81.5
Amandla Charter SchoolAmandla Charter SchoolCook0.982.4-81.5
Sarah E. Goode Stem AcademyCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook1596.4-81.4
Greenview Jr/Sr High SchoolGreenview Cusd 200Menard7.788.9-81.2
Williams Medical Preparatory High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook11.192.2-81.1
Putnam County High SchoolPutnam County Cusd 535Putnam2.283.1-80.9
Beardstown Jr/Sr High SchoolBeardstown Cusd 15Cass6.587.2-80.7
Grayville Jr Sr High SchoolGrayville Cusd 1White13.594.1-80.6
Rich South Campus High SchoolRich Twp Hsd 227Cook7.287.6-80.4
Thornton Fractnl So High SchoolThornton Fractional Twp Hsd 215Cook1696.2-80.2
Raby High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook4.384.3-80
Rich Central Campus High SchoolRich Twp Hsd 227Cook8.588.4-79.9
Urban Prep Academies WestCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook1.181-79.9
North-Grand High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook786.8-79.8
Brown County High SchoolBrown County Cusd 1Brown13.993.6-79.7
Dunbar Vocational Career Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook3.883.4-79.6
Sterling High SchoolSterling Cusd 5Whiteside9.588.9-79.4
New Tech High - Zion-Benton EastZion-Benton Twp Hsd 126Lake15.995.1-79.2
Prophetstown High SchoolProphetstown-Lyndon-Tampico Cusd3Whiteside13.492.6-79.2
Central High SchoolCentral Cusd 3Adams12.991.8-78.9
Lewistown High SchoolLewistown Cusd 97Fulton12.791.3-78.6
A-C Central High SchoolA-C Central Cusd 262Cass15.794.1-78.4
Cobden Junior High SchoolCobden Sud 17Union2097.8-77.8
Arcola High SchoolArcola Cusd 306Douglas20.598.2-77.7
Wauconda High SchoolWauconda Cusd 118Lake1491.7-77.7
Spry Community Links High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook8.686.3-77.7
Serena High SchoolSerena Cusd 2Lasalle11.488.7-77.3
Catalyst Elem Charter SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook16.293.3-77.1
Ihsca Charter High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook9.886.8-77
Community High SchoolChsd 94Dupage20.197-76.9
Glenbrook South High SchoolNorthfield Twp Hsd 225Cook19.896.3-76.5
Rickover Naval Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook13.890.2-76.4
Julian High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook4.380.7-76.4
V I T Sr High SchoolV I T Cusd 2Fulton15.992.3-76.4
Fulton High SchoolRiver Bend Cusd 2Whiteside15.992.2-76.3
Meridian High SchoolMeridian Cusd 15Macon6.482.7-76.3
Windsor Jr & Sr High SchoolWindsor Cusd 1Shelby23.8100-76.2
Villa Grove High SchoolVilla Grove Cusd 302Douglas9.685.7-76.1
Elverado High SchoolElverado Cusd 196Jackson3.980-76.1
Cary-Grove Community High SchoolChsd 155Mchenry22.197.9-75.8
Marengo High SchoolMarengo Chsd 154Mchenry1691.8-75.8
Tri-City High SchoolTri City Cusd 1Sangamon16.191.7-75.6
Stockton Sr High SchoolStockton Cusd 206Jodaviess782.6-75.6
Genoa-Kingston High SchoolGenoa Kingston Cusd 424Dekalb16.291.7-75.5
Freeburg Community High SchoolFreeburg Chsd 77St. Clair21.196.3-75.2
Red Bud High SchoolRed Bud Cusd 132Randolph15.690.5-74.9
Dupo High SchoolDupo Cusd 196St. Clair13.188-74.9
Westville High SchoolWestville Cusd 2Vermilion7.582.4-74.9
Morrisonville High SchoolMorrisonville Cusd 1Christian20.495-74.6
Thornton Fractnl No High SchoolThornton Fractional Twp Hsd 215Cook18.392.7-74.4
Martinsville Jr/Sr High SchoolMartinsville Cusd 3CClark10.685-74.4
Salt Fork High SchoolSalt Fork Community Unit District 512Vermilion23.197.4-74.3
Fieldcrest High SchoolFieldcrest Cusd 6Woodford16.190.4-74.3
Crystal Lake South High SchoolChsd 155Mchenry23.497.6-74.2
Taylorville Sr High SchoolTaylorville Cusd 3Christian13.387.3-74
Bloom Township High SchoolBloom Twp Hsd 206Cook4.678.5-73.9
Sparta High SchoolSparta Cusd 140Randolph8.982.7-73.8
Madison Senior High SchoolMadison Cusd 12Madison6.880.6-73.8
Chicago Military AcademyCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook22.596.2-73.7
Prairie Ridge High SchoolChsd 155Mchenry24.698.3-73.7
Glenwood High SchoolBall Chatham Cusd 5Sangamon17.390.9-73.6
Elgin High SchoolSd U-46Kane5.979.4-73.5
Williamsville High SchoolWilliamsville Cusd 15Sangamon24.998.2-73.3
La Moille High SchoolLa Moille Cusd 303Bureau22.295.5-73.3
Marion High SchoolMarion Cusd 2Williamson14.387.6-73.3
Sandoval Sr High SchoolSandoval Cusd 501Marion11.184.2-73.1
Johnsburg High SchoolJohnsburg Cusd 12Mchenry21.194.2-73.1
Rochester High SchoolRochester Cusd 3ASangamon20.893.7-72.9
Grant Community High SchoolGrant Chsd 124Lake20.693.5-72.9
Calhoun High SchoolCalhoun Cusd 40Calhoun2092.9-72.9
Crystal Lake Central High SchoolChsd 155Mchenry23.896.5-72.7
United Township High SchoolUnited Twp Hsd 30Rock Island19.592.2-72.7
Galesburg High SchoolGalesburg Cusd 205Knox15.888.5-72.7
Olympia High SchoolOlympia Cusd 16Mclean14.587.2-72.7
West Prairie High SchoolWest Prairie Cusd 103Mcdonough23.195.7-72.6
Moline Sr High SchoolMoline-Coal Valley Cusd 40Rock Island19.692.2-72.6
Juarez Community Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook11.984.4-72.5

Top 100 Illinois schools graduation fraud index

Illinois schoolSchool districtCountyAnnual exam pass rate (%)Graduation rate (%)Graduation fraud index
Orion High SchoolOrion Cusd 223Henry47.8047.8
Chicago Virtual Charter SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook30.52.328.2
Woodland High SchoolWoodland Cusd 5Livingston20.42.318.1
Warsaw Senior High SchoolWarsaw Cusd 316Hancock25.513.312.2
Northside College Preparatory High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook10096.13.9
Young Magnet High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook90.896.4-5.6
Payton College Preparatory High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook9197.5-6.5
Mount Pulaski High SchoolMt Pulaski Cusd 23Logan77.286.8-9.6
Mount Carmel High SchoolWabash Cusd 348Wabash64.375.2-10.9
Lane Technical High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook81.693.7-12.1
Lexington High SchoolLexington Cusd 7Mclean76.690.6-14
Frankfort Community High SchoolFrankfort Cusd 168Franklin50.471.4-21
Chicago Excel Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook023.5-23.5
Richwoods High SchoolPeoria Sd 150Peoria56.280.5-24.3
Vernon Hills High SchoolChsd 128Lake69.794.9-25.2
Central Community High SchoolCentral Chsd 71Clinton64.689.9-25.3
Lincoln Community High SchoolLincoln Chsd 404Logan51.877.2-25.4
Somonauk High SchoolSomonauk Cusd 432Dekalb60.386.3-26
Galena High SchoolGalena Usd 120Jodaviess68.294.3-26.1
Donovan Community Unit School District 3Donovan Cusd 3Iroquois56.582.8-26.3
Jones Prep High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook72.599.3-26.8
Naperville Central High SchoolNaperville Cusd 203Dupage69.596.9-27.4
Adlai E Stevenson High SchoolAdlai E Stevenson Hsd 125Lake6794.5-27.5
Wesclin Sr High SchoolWesclin Cusd 3Clinton63.691.3-27.7
Edwards County High SchoolEdwards County Cusd 1Edwards55.983.6-27.7
Springfield Learning AcademySpringfield Sd 186Sangamon027.8-27.8
Hutsonville High SchoolHutsonville Cusd 1Crawford57.585.7-28.2
Cambridge Lakes Charter SchoolCusd 300Kane46.575-28.5
Columbia High SchoolColumbia Cusd 4Monroe61.991.2-29.3
Leroy High SchoolLeroy Cusd 2Mclean60.990.6-29.7
Bement High SchoolBement Cusd 5Piatt51.881.5-29.7
Durand High SchoolDurand Cusd 322Winnebago58.288.1-29.9
Proviso Math and Science AcademyProviso Twp Hsd 209Cook70.1100-29.9
Naperville North High SchoolNaperville Cusd 203Dupage67.198-30.9
Alden-Hebron High SchoolAlden Hebron Sd 19Mchenry57.990-32.1
Zeigler-Royalton High SchoolZeigler-Royalton Cusd 188Franklin32.764.9-32.2
Carlinville High SchoolCarlinville Cusd 1Macoupin51.784.2-32.5
Geneva Community High SchoolGeneva Cusd 304Kane6597.8-32.8
Morton High SchoolMorton Cusd 709Tazewell59.492.3-32.9
Hinckley-Big Rock High SchoolHinckley Big Rock Cusd 429Dekalb49.182.5-33.4
Hancock College Preparatory High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook56.990.9-34
Kenwood Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook49.583.8-34.3
Cisne High SchoolNorth Wayne Cusd 200Wayne5084.4-34.4
Hirsch Metropolitan High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook135.7-34.7
Highland High SchoolHighland Cusd 5Madison51.786.6-34.9
Okawville Jr/Sr High SchoolWest Washington Co Cud 10Washington45.180-34.9
Westinghouse High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook59.494.6-35.2
Fairfield Community High School District 225Fairfield Comm H S Dist 225Wayne39.775-35.3
Brownstown High SchoolBrownstown Cusd 201Fayette31.466.7-35.3
Libertyville High SchoolChsd 128Lake6095.6-35.6
Carrollton High SchoolCarrollton Cusd 1Greene56.692.2-35.6
Lemont Township High SchoolLemont Twp Hsd 210Cook59.496-36.6
Brooks College PrepCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook5995.8-36.8
Wheaton North High SchoolCusd 200Dupage55.692.7-37.1
Neuqua Valley High SchoolIndian Prairie Cusd 204Dupage59.897-37.2
Newton Community High SchoolJasper County Cud 1Jasper55.193.1-38
Southwestern High SchoolSouthwestern Cusd 9Macoupin52.290.6-38.4
Midland High SchoolMidland Cusd 7Marshall43.481.8-38.4
Griggsville-Perry High SchoolGriggsville-Perry Cusd 4Pike4078.9-38.9
Lincolnwood High SchoolPanhandle Cusd 2Montgomery4786.1-39.1
Belleville High School-EastBelleville Twp Hsd 201St. Clair49.488.5-39.1
Manley Career Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook0.840.1-39.3
Amos Alonzo Stagg High SchoolCons Hsd 230Cook51.290.7-39.5
Robeson High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook1.441-39.6
Orr Academy High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook2.242-39.8
Metea Valley High SchoolIndian Prairie Cusd 204Dupage55.795.6-39.9
O Fallon High SchoolO Fallon Twp Hsd 203St. Clair50.590.5-40
South Fork Jr Sr High SchoolSouth Fork Sd 14Christian13.353.3-40
Massac County High SchoolMassac Ud 1Massac39.579.8-40.3
Dieterich Jr/Sr High SchoolDieterich Cusd 30Effingham48.889.2-40.4
Oblong High SchoolOblong Cusd 4Crawford39.179.6-40.5
Paxton-Buckley-Loda High SchoolPaxton-Buckley-Loda Cud 10Ford38.579.1-40.6
Coulterville High SchoolCoulterville Usd 1Randolph59.1100-40.9
Streator Township High SchoolStreator Twp Hsd 40Lasalle34.475.3-40.9
Christopher HighChristopher Usd 99Franklin35.176.1-41
Hononegah High SchoolHononegah Chd 207Winnebago50.291.2-41
Cumberland High SchoolCumberland Cusd 77Cumberland49.590.8-41.3
Hinsdale Central High SchoolHinsdale Twp Hsd 86Dupage53.194.6-41.5
Alwood  Middle/High SchoolAlwood Cusd 225Henry49.190.6-41.5
Stillman Valley High SchoolMeridian Cusd 223Ogle51.793.2-41.5
Prairie Central High SchoolPrairie Central Cusd 8Livingston48.790.2-41.5
Monmouth-Roseville High SchoolMonmouth-Roseville Cusd 238Warren36.578.1-41.6
River Ridge High SchoolRiver Ridge Cusd 210Jodaviess53.595.3-41.8
Eureka High SchoolEureka Cud 140Woodford49.891.7-41.9
Central High SchoolCentral Cusd 4Iroquois45.887.7-41.9
Hope Community AcademyCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook648.1-42.1
Central A & M High SchoolCentral A &Amp; M Cud 21Shelby47.589.7-42.2
Belleville High School-WestBelleville Twp Hsd 201St. Clair4789.6-42.6
Roanoke-Benson High SchoolRoanoke Benson Cusd 60Woodford46.388.9-42.6
Earlville Jr/Sr High SchoolEarlville Cusd 9Lasalle29.772.5-42.8
Leland High SchoolLeland Cusd 1Lasalle52.996-43.1
Mahomet-Seymour High SchoolMahomet-Seymour Cusd 3Champaign51.494.5-43.1
Pecatonica High SchoolPecatonica Cusd 321Winnebago42.385.7-43.4
Amundsen High SchoolCity Of Chicago Sd 299Cook3679.4-43.4
Pekin Community High SchoolPekin Csd 303Tazewell35.579-43.5
Murphysboro High SchoolMurphysboro Cusd 186Jackson35.479-43.6
Gillespie High SchoolGillespie Cusd 7Macoupin28.172.1-44
Charleston High SchoolCharleston Cusd 1Coles38.482.6-44.2
Dee-Mack High SchoolDeer Creek-Mackinaw Cusd 701Tazewell47.391.5-44.2
Princeton High SchoolPrinceton Hsd 500Bureau38.182.4-44.3
Source: Illinois State Board of Education

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